Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Do you remember when you were little - think elementary school - and the days seemed endless and there was so much time during the summer to do everything and anything? I actually got bored because there was "nothing to do."

Right now I feel the complete opposite. There is loads of things that I should be doing. There are piles of papers, etc. that I should be dealing with. There are volunteer commitments that I have to finish. There are work projects that need to be done. There is recovery, which apparently "needs to be a priority" (but sure doesn't feel like it should be). And yet the heavier the workload gets, the more I just want to avoid it (don't get me wrong - I'm dealing with it; I just don't really want to at this point).

Please pause the world. It's going too fast and I'd like to breathe for a moment. :)

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